"Impossible" pathing ALGORITHM

Problem: During the development of a project a custom algorithm was needed to move the player over impossible connections based off of 2D positions in 3D space.

Solution: By creating a node system that converts the world space of the object to 2D screen space, I was able to apply a version of the A* pathing algorithm to move the player.

Outcome:  player now can successfully traverse over impossible connections in level maps

Developed: Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint and C++

Mirror REFLECTION mechanic

Problem:  Needed a functions mirror reflection mechanic for senior thesis gameplay.

Solution: By using ray tracing I was able to determine if the mirrors were interacting and reflecting off each other then I put in a system that allowed the user to create a puzzle using the mirrors and their reflection mechanic.

Outcome: user can now successfully use mirrors to create or solve puzzles within levels.

Developed: Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint


Firewatch inspired fogsheet (ue4)

Problem: For my upcoming senior thesis we wanted to emulate the fog in fire watch.

Solution: By lerping the colors in a standard UE4 fog shader and then adjusting the alpha using the same blueprint for depth fade in the opacity.

Outcome:  I was able to get a similar result to the unity fog shader(as picture bellow)

Developed: Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint

Unreal Camera tool

Problem: Unreal Engine 4's Matinee camera animation system was proving to take a too long for our production schedule

Solution: developed a camera animation system based off of unreal spline and matinee events 

Outcome: animation was much easier to create and if need we could transfer animation of camera between levels relatively painlessly. 

Developed: Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint

fbx Exporter

Problem: Due to roaming profiles of the on campus computers, exporting a single mesh out of maya would take up to 2 mintues per model

Efficiency Graphic 

Solution: By exporting assets without opening the default Maya Export Window .

Outcome:Countless hours saved by bypassing  maya exporter

Developed: Maya Python

Temp LightMap generator

Problem: During block-in and early modeling stages many students need quick light maps for their models so that they could do rough lighting passes

Solution: Wrote a program that creates a quick/temporary light map UV set.

Outcome: Easy Temp light maps in one click, saving hours of work

Developed: Maya Python

Quick Selection Sets Window

Problem: Users found it difficult to locate and select relevant nodes, due to the complex nature of vehicle rigging, and so wasted time sorting through Outliner and other tools to find their quick select sets.

Solution: I created a pop up window that allowed easy one click access to your selection sets and also allowing quicker creation and paint weighting.

Outcome: Easier access to selection sets allowed for a more efficient work flow while rigging

Developed: Maya Python