Dancing master

Dancing Master was a developed over a week for Philadelphia Developer's Night's July "move your body" game jam. Essentially it is a local multiplayer that randomly generates foot prints on the floor to the beat of the song playing. I was responsible for artwork and single player level design. Aaron Chaplin was responsible for Unity development and programming.

Download and play the game here.

Developed in Unity 5

get bj home

During my internship at Cipher Prime my first assignment was to make a game in Unity in 5 days. The game essentially was to get my boss, William Stallwood, home from a night of too much drinking. The mechanic was to use the right and left arrow keys to keep the character balance. A full write up of the process can be found on Cipher's blog here

Pictured above and below are images from the game as well as from Philadelphia developers night where after the five days was presented to a group of 50+ developers.

Developed in Unity