Let's make a VR game in a month!

A friend Sam Wade and I are going to make a very small demo VR game for our last month in college. She does the art; I'm the tech.

The game we want to make is that you're farmer in space trying to restore a depleted earth. You'll farm plants on these three satellite planets to send food and plants back to earth to help bring the world back to a healthy state. If you don’t cultivate plants quick enough the earth will eventually be unsavable and you will lose the game. Below is some

Below is some concept art that Sam made this week for the game. We want to loosely base the style off of little big planet and create our whole solar system on a mobile. 

Visual Development by Sam Wade

Below is a video of what we have so far for game play. I currently have a teleportation system set up between the planets. You can pick up unique project tiles from each planet. And you can shoot the "plants" (the red boxes on the main planet) and they will turn green meaning you've grown them to full health.

Next week we will have VR integration with the Oculus DK2 and hopefully a couple videos of our fellow classmates using them!